Lenovo manuals

The list of Lenovo product deivces contains 4405 user manuals and guides for 2234 models in 93 type of devices

All-in-One workstations
Models Document Type
F0B1007LUA Datasheet   Lenovo IdeaCentre C50-30, 1 pages
F0AU009FTA Datasheet   Lenovo IdeaCentre B50-30, 1 pages
F0AW001GTA Datasheet   Lenovo IdeaCentre B40-30, 1 pages
F0B4004ELD Datasheet   Lenovo IdeaCentre C40-30, 2 pages
57324554 Datasheet   Lenovo IdeaCentre C240, 2 pages
Antivirus security software
Models Document Type
68Y9090 Datasheet   Lenovo Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack V6.1, 10 CPU, 1Y SUB/SUP, 34 pages
Application server software
Models Document Type
84978HA Datasheet   Lenovo Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R.2 Foundation - ROK, 1 pages
Baby Monitors
Models Document Type
3000 V200 User Manual   Lenovo 3000 V200 User Manual, 68 pages
NONE FOUND 3000 V100 User Manual   Lenovo NONE FOUND 3000 V100 User Manual, 66 pages
3000 C SERIES 41W7910 User Manual    Lenovo 3000 C SERIES 41W7910 Manuel d'utilisation, 2 pages
Blu-Ray players
Models Document Type
ThinkPad 43N3201 User Manual    Lenovo ThinkPad 43N3201 User's Manual, 46 pages
Cable interface/gender adapters
Models Document Type
ThinkPad 45K1610 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkPad 45K1610 User's Manual, 1 pages
USB 3.0 - DVI/VGA User's Guide   Lenovo USB 3.0 - DVI/VGA, 40 pages
Models Document Type
41N5719 User Manual       Lenovo 41N5719 User Manual, 46 pages
40Y8186 User Manual   Lenovo 40Y8186 User Manual, 38 pages
Car Video
Models Document Type
WIDE FLAT PANEL MONITOR L2262 User Manual   Lenovo WIDE FLAT PANEL MONITOR L2262 User Manual, 29 pages
CD radios
Models Document Type
T540 User Manual      Lenovo T540 User's Manual, 14 pages
Models Document Type
Moto 360 User Manual   Lenovo Moto 360 Manuel d'utilisation, 2 pages
Moto 360 User Manual   Lenovo Moto 360 Benutzerhandbuch, 2 pages
Moto 360 User Manual   Lenovo Moto 360 Manual del usuario, 21 pages
Moto 360 User Manual   Lenovo Moto 360 Manuel d'utilisation, 24 pages
Moto 360 User Manual   Lenovo Moto 360 User Manual, 21 pages
Coffee making accessories
Models Document Type
40Y8692 User Manual    Lenovo 40Y8692 User's Manual, 78 pages
Computer Accessories
Models Document Type
USB 2.0 CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo II Drive User Manual   Lenovo USB 2.0 CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo II Drive User Manual, 74 pages
D156 WIDE 4415-AB1 User Manual   Lenovo D156 WIDE 4415-AB1 User Manual, 31 pages
401 User Manual   Lenovo 401 User Manual, 52 pages
THINKCENTRE 6019 User Manual   Lenovo THINKCENTRE 6019 User Manual, 506 pages
THINKCENTRE 8177 User Manual   Lenovo THINKCENTRE 8177 User Manual, 228 pages
Computer case parts
Models Document Type
104 User Manual   Lenovo 104 User's Manual, 86 pages
ThinkVision 9205-HG2 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkVision 9205-HG2 User's Manual, 35 pages
A720 User Manual   Lenovo A720 User's Manual, 75 pages
Personal Computer 4263 User Manual   Lenovo Personal Computer 4263 User's Manual, 92 pages
THINK STATION 4263 User Manual   Lenovo THINK STATION 4263 User's Manual, 86 pages
Computer cases
Models Document Type
THINK CENTRE 9159 User Manual   Lenovo THINK CENTRE 9159 User's Manual, 48 pages
Storage Array 8332 User Manual   Lenovo Storage Array 8332 User's Manual, 44 pages
49Y3234 Datasheet   Lenovo BladeCenter S, 4 pages
Computer hardware
Models Document Type
ThinkStation C30 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkStation C30 User Manual, 2 pages
ThinkServer TD200 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkServer TD200 User Manual, 228 pages
ThinkServer TS430 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkServer TS430 User Manual, 36 pages
ThinkServer RD440 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkServer RD440 User Manual, 240 pages
ThinkServer Storage SA120 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkServer Storage SA120 User Manual, 96 pages
Models Document Type
IdeaCentre B3 Series User Manual   Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenovo IdeaCentre B3 Series, 51 pages
IdeaCentre K3 Series User Manual   Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenovo IdeaCentre K3 Series, 41 pages
C2 Series User Manual   Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenovo C2 Series, 35 pages
IdeaCentre B5 Series User Manual   Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenovo IdeaCentre B5 Series, 55 pages
B300A User Manual   Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenovo B300A, 55 pages
Models Document Type
S2110A User Manual   Lenovo S2110A User Manual, 46 pages
Disk arrays
Models Document Type
70BR9007WW Datasheet   Lenovo px12-450r, 2 pages
70F10002UK Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkServer SA120, 1 pages
70BR9001WW Datasheet   Lenovo px12-450r, 5 pages
DVD players
Models Document Type
ThinkCentre 41N5583 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkCentre 41N5583 User's Manual, 72 pages
ThinkPad 43N3218 User Manual    Lenovo ThinkPad 43N3218 User's Manual, 34 pages
ThinkCentre 41N5626 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkCentre 41N5626 User's Manual, 72 pages
Models Document Type
THINKVISION 9227-HB2 User Manual   Lenovo THINKVISION 9227-HB2 User Manual, 35 pages
GP20N User Manual   Lenovo GP20N User Manual, 42 pages
Models Document Type
L171 User Manual   Lenovo L171 User Manual, 30 pages
Flat panel accessories
Models Document Type
41A4142 User Manual   Lenovo 41A4142 User's Manual, 29 pages
78Y5370 Datasheet   Lenovo Ergotron Neo-Flex Dual LCD Lift Stand, 4 pages
For bicycles
Models Document Type
SA88-8908-00 3000 C100 User Manual   Lenovo SA88-8908-00 3000 C100 User Manual, 60 pages
41W7926 User Manual   Lenovo 41W7926 User Manual, 2 pages
Graphics cards
Models Document Type
Computer Hardware NVS 315 User Manual   Lenovo Computer Hardware NVS 315 User's Manual, 30 pages
4X60G69025 Datasheet   Lenovo 4X60G69025 NVIDIA Quadro K5200 8GB graphics card, 15 pages
Guitar accessories
Models Document Type
Tablet A1000L User Manual    Lenovo Tablet A1000L User's Manual, 54 pages
Models Document Type
Gemplus 41N3005 User Manual   Lenovo Gemplus 41N3005 User Manual, 42 pages
45N3556 User Manual   Lenovo 45N3556 User Manual, 4 pages
ThinkPad 41N5647 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkPad 41N5647 User Manual, 46 pages
45K5296 User Manual   Lenovo 45K5296 User Manual, 1 pages
THINKCENTRE 8804 User Manual   Lenovo THINKCENTRE 8804 User Manual, 48 pages
Hardware cooling accessories
Models Document Type
41X8111 User Manual   Lenovo 41X8111 User's Manual, 26 pages
Models Document Type
X200 User Manual   Lenovo X200 User Manual, 260 pages
Models Document Type
W770 User Manual   Lenovo W770 User's Manual, 13 pages
Models Document Type
ThinkCentre 9301 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkCentre 9301 User's Manual, 108 pages
Interface cards/adapters
Models Document Type
ThinkPad 44C9770 User Manual    Lenovo ThinkPad 44C9770 User's Manual, 13 pages
ThinkPad 533AN_MMW User Manual    Lenovo ThinkPad 533AN_MMW User's Manual, 12 pages
00MY959 Datasheet   Lenovo EXPRESS N2225 SAS/SATA, 10 pages
4X90H20061 Datasheet   Lenovo Universal USB 3.0 to VGA/HDMI, 5 pages
0C52865 User's Guide    Lenovo 0C52865, 50 pages
Interface hubs
Models Document Type
H415 User Manual   Lenovo H415 User's Manual, 22 pages
Internal hard drives
Models Document Type
4XB0H30206 Datasheet   Lenovo 1000GB 2.5" SATAIII, 3 pages
03T7805 Datasheet   Lenovo 1TB SATA, 11 pages
03T7039 Datasheet   Lenovo 03T7039 hard disk drive, 3 pages
45N0508 Datasheet   Lenovo 320GB SATA, 14 pages
Models Document Type
4X30E51035 User's Guide   Lenovo 4X30E51025, 38 pages
ThinkPad T61 Keyboard, DE Specifications   Lenovo ThinkPad T61 Keyboard, DE, 186 pages
B5 User Manual   Lenovo B5 User's Manual, 2 pages
0B47190 User Manual   Lenovo 0B47190 User's Manual, 48 pages
60Y9450 Datasheet   Lenovo 60Y9450, 148 pages
KVM switches
Models Document Type
RD240 User Manual   Lenovo RD240 User's Manual, 32 pages
1754D1X Datasheet   Lenovo 1754D1X KVM switch [en] , 17 pages
Laser/LED printers
Models Document Type
3110 User Manual   Lenovo 3110 User's Manual, 70 pages
LED displays
Models Document Type
T77ENEU Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkVision LS2223, 25 pages
R28LBUK Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkVision LT2323z, 2 pages
T72MNIT Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkVision LT2252p, 2 pages
R20MBCH Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkVision LT2452p, 2 pages
T48LNEU Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkVision LS1951, 2 pages
Models Document Type
57Y6360 Datasheet   Lenovo M0520, 4 pages
Memory modules
Models Document Type
43R1999 Datasheet   Lenovo 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SODIMM, 13 pages
41U4947 Datasheet   Lenovo 1 GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM SODIM, 2 pages
Models Document Type
31043789 User Manual   Lenovo 31043789 User's Manual, 23 pages
03X6205 User's Guide    Lenovo 03X6205 mice, 76 pages
N70 User Manual   Lenovo N70 User's Manual, 35 pages
Mini PCs
Models Document Type
57325585 Datasheet   Lenovo Essential H520, 2 pages
57328379 Datasheet   Lenovo Essential H535, 2 pages
57322246 Datasheet   Lenovo Essential H520e, 2 pages
30A70006MH Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkStation P500, 2 pages
10AA003QUS Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p, 4 pages
Mobile device keyboards
Models Document Type
4X30E68129 Datasheet   Lenovo 4X30E68126, 38 pages
Mobile phones
Models Document Type
S890 Smartphone User Manual    Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenovo S890 Smartphone, 56 pages
A60+ Smartphone User Manual    Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenovo A60+ Smartphone, 32 pages
P700i Smartphone User Manual    Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenovo P700i Smartphone, 40 pages
A690 Smartphone User Manual    Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenovo A690 Smartphone, 40 pages
S720 Smartphone User Manual    Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenovo S720 Smartphone, 32 pages
Models Document Type
R500 User Manual   Lenovo R500 User's Manual, 2 pages
Models Document Type
ThinkVision L174 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkVision L174 User Manual, 31 pages
L193 User Manual   Lenovo L193 User Manual, 29 pages
L2440X User Manual   Lenovo L2440X User Manual, 40 pages
9503-DG3 User Manual   Lenovo 9503-DG3 User Manual, 11 pages
L1700P User Manual   Lenovo L1700P User Manual, 38 pages
Monitors CRT
Models Document Type
E74 User Manual   Lenovo E74 User's Manual, 19 pages
LXH-GJ769F4 User Manual   Lenovo LXH-GJ769F4 User's Manual, 14 pages
C92 User Manual   Lenovo C92 User's Manual, 8 pages
T3267EU Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkVision E74, 1 pages
Models Document Type
K410 User Manual   Lenovo K410 User's Manual, 57 pages
3000 J 8453 User Manual   Lenovo 3000 J 8453 User's Manual, 60 pages
THINKCENTRE 2491 User Manual   Lenovo THINKCENTRE 2491 User's Manual [en] , 194 pages
Computer Monitor 7098 User Manual   Lenovo Computer Monitor 7098 User's Manual, 798 pages
Z61 User Manual Lenovo Z61 User's Manual, 76 pages
NAS & storage servers
Models Document Type
EMC px12-450r 4TB(4x1TB) Manual   Lenovo TotalStorage Series EMC px12-450r 4TB(4x1TB), 28 pages
70G0001SUS Datasheet   Lenovo N4610, 26 pages
70BR9008EA Datasheet   Lenovo TotalStorage Series EMC PX12-450R, 5 pages
70BG9011EA Datasheet   Lenovo TotalStorage Series NAS px6-300d Pro 12TB, 2 pages
70BC9017NA Datasheet   Lenovo TotalStorage Series EMC px4-300d 12TB, 2 pages
Network switch modules
Models Document Type
88Y6043 Datasheet   Lenovo EN4091, 14 pages
Network Video Recorders (NVR)
Models Document Type
6019 User Manual   Lenovo 6019 User's Manual, 82 pages
9156 User Manual   Lenovo 9156 User's Manual [en] , 66 pages
6306 User Manual   Lenovo 6306 User's Manual, 66 pages
RD330 User Manual   Lenovo RD330 User's Manual, 38 pages
Networking cards
Models Document Type
N5321 User's Guide    Lenovo N5321, 38 pages
Laptop docks & port replicators
Models Document Type
40A70045EU Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Pro Dock, 4 pages
04W3949 Manual     Lenovo 04W3949, 2 pages
04W3948 Manual     Lenovo 04W3948, 2 pages
ThinkPad USB 3.0 Ultra Dock User's Guide   Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Pro Dock, 64 pages
40A80045EU Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Ultra Dock, 5 pages
Laptop spare parts
Models Document Type
04X0169 Datasheet   Lenovo 04X0169 notebook spare part, 10 pages
Models Document Type
E46 User Manual   Lenovo E46 User's Manual, 38 pages
8095 User Manual   Lenovo 8095 User's Manual, 62 pages
B470E User Manual   Lenovo B470E User's Manual, 60 pages
560Z User Manual   Lenovo 560Z User's Manual, 189 pages
X60S User Manual   Lenovo X60S User's Manual, 15 pages
Numeric keypads
Models Document Type
T60 User Manual Lenovo T60 User's Manual, 80 pages
Optical disc drives
Models Document Type
ThinkPad 40Y8626 User Manual    Lenovo ThinkPad 40Y8626 User's Manual, 58 pages
41N5631 User Manual   Lenovo 41N5631 User's Manual, 68 pages
ThinkPad 43N3222 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkPad 43N3222 User's Manual, 40 pages
888-011777 Datasheet   Lenovo DB50, 2 pages
GP20N User Manual    Lenovo GP20N User's Manual, 42 pages
PC/workstation barebones
Models Document Type
3063 User Manual   Lenovo 3063 User's Manual, 572 pages
Personal Computer 4155 User Manual   Lenovo Personal Computer 4155 User's Manual, 270 pages
THINKPAD R51E User Manual   Lenovo THINKPAD R51E User's Manual, 96 pages
Models Document Type
S6000 Tablet User Manual   Lenovo S6000 Tablet User Manual, 7 pages
Yoga Tablet 10 B8000 User Manual   Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 B8000 User Manual, 6 pages
A1000L Tablet User Manual   Lenovo A1000L Tablet User Manual, 54 pages
S6000 Tablet User Manual   Lenovo S6000 Tablet User Manual, 2 pages
S2109 Tablet User Manual   Lenovo S2109 Tablet User Manual, 56 pages
Photo Accessories
Models Document Type
THINKPAD T41/T41P User Manual   Lenovo THINKPAD T41/T41P User Manual, 260 pages
Models Document Type
THINKPAD G40 User Manual   Lenovo THINKPAD G40 Manuel d'utilisation, 114 pages
Power adapters & inverters
Models Document Type
45N0502 Datasheet   Lenovo 65W 2pin, 12 pages
4X20E75067 Manual     Lenovo 4X20E75067, 2 pages
Print & Scan
Models Document Type
5110 User Manual   Lenovo 5110 User's Manual, 74 pages
THINKPAD 42T7895 User Manual Lenovo THINKPAD 42T7895 User's Manual, 2 pages
3000 V100 User Manual   Lenovo 3000 V100 User's Manual, 2 pages
41W7926 User Manual   Lenovo 41W7926 User's Manual, 2 pages
Models Document Type
0C19542 Datasheet   Lenovo Intel Xeon E5-2420 v2, 16 pages
4XG0F28776 Datasheet   Lenovo E5-2695 v3, 23 pages
LF80565QH0254M Datasheet   IBM Intel Xeon X7350, 142 pages
59P5107 Datasheet   Lenovo Xeon 1.6GHz, 102 pages
AD80582QH056003 Datasheet   Lenovo Intel Xeon Processor L7445, 136 pages
Models Document Type
M500 User Manual   Lenovo M500 User's Manual, 86 pages
C500 User Manual   Lenovo C500 User's Manual, 92 pages
L1210E User Manual   Lenovo L1210E User's Manual, 1 pages
C400 User Manual   Lenovo C400 User Manual, 1 pages
E500 User Manual   Lenovo E500 User Manual, 62 pages
Rack consoles
Models Document Type
17238BX Datasheet   Lenovo 17238BX rack console, 16 pages
RAID controllers
Models Document Type
67Y1459 Datasheet   Lenovo SATA Raid 5 UPG, 4 pages
67Y2622 Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkServer 9240-8i, 4 pages
4XB0F28646 Datasheet   Lenovo LSI9286CV-8e, 15 pages
0A89407 Datasheet   Lenovo 0A89407 RAID controller, 5 pages
Models Document Type
N100 User Manual   Lenovo N100 User's Manual, 2 pages
Remote management adapters
Models Document Type
67Y1461 Datasheet   Lenovo 67Y1461 remote management adapter, 1 pages
Models Document Type
Px6-300d User Manual   Lenovo Px6-300d User's Manual, 164 pages
Px4-300r User Manual   Lenovo Px4-300r User's Manual, 165 pages
Ix2 User Manual   Lenovo Ix2 User's Manual, 142 pages
THINKSERVER TD230 User Manual   Lenovo THINKSERVER TD230 User's Manual, 32 pages
Serial servers
Models Document Type
4Z10A39515 Datasheet   Lenovo ES-522, 6 pages
Server/workstation motherboards
Models Document Type
TD100 User Manual   Lenovo TD100 User's Manual, 254 pages
Models Document Type
6445 User Manual   Lenovo 6445 User's Manual, 112 pages
6437 User Manual   Lenovo 6437 User's Manual, 88 pages
TS200V User Manual   Lenovo TS200V User's Manual, 96 pages
Think 6399-13x User Manual   Lenovo Think 6399-13x User's Manual [en] , 4 pages
70D80003EA Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkServer RD350, 2 pages
Models Document Type
S2109A-F User Manual   Lenovo S2109A-F User's Manual, 56 pages
S850 Troubleshooting Guide   Lenovo Ideaphone S850 16GB White, 16 pages
P0RU000HCZ Datasheet   Lenovo VIBE Z2 4G Black, Titanic, 1 pages
P0S5000ECZ Datasheet   Lenovo Ideaphone P90 32GB 4G Black, 1 pages
VIBE X2 GL Datasheet   Lenovo VIBE X2 32GB 4G Gold, 1 pages
Models Document Type
ThinkVantage (Rescue and Recovery 4.5) User Manual   Lenovo ThinkVantage (Rescue and Recovery 4.5) User Manual, 86 pages
1.8.14 User Manual   Lenovo 1.8.14 User's Manual, 52 pages
ThinkVantage Client Security Solution 8.3 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkVantage Client Security Solution 8.3 User Manual, 86 pages
ThinkVantage Access Connections User Manual   Lenovo ThinkVantage Access Connections User Manual, 42 pages
ThinkVantage Password Manager 4 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkVantage Password Manager 4 User Manual, 20 pages
Software licenses/upgrades
Models Document Type
84978PE Datasheet   Lenovo Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation, 27 pages
Software manuals
Models Document Type
1165 User Manual   Lenovo 1165 User's Manual, 52 pages
Solid state drives
Models Document Type
4XB0G69278 Datasheet   Lenovo 4XB0G69278 solid state drive, 7 pages
04X4042 Datasheet   Lenovo 128GB SSD, 9 pages
4XB0F28641 Datasheet   Lenovo 4XB0F28615 solid state drive, 16 pages
System management software
Models Document Type
Q700 User Manual   Lenovo Q700 User's Manual, 43 pages
55Y3427 Datasheet   Lenovo LANDesk Management Suite f/ TVT's Pro, 87 pages
Tablet cases
Models Document Type
Quickshot Manual        Lenovo Quickshot, 2 pages
Models Document Type
8 User's Guide   Lenovo ThinkPad 8 64GB Black, 74 pages
8 User's Guide   Lenovo ThinkPad 8 64GB 3G 4G Black, 74 pages
8 User's Guide   Lenovo ThinkPad 8 64GB Black, 74 pages
59435220 Datasheet   Lenovo A7-50 16GB Black [no] , 1 pages
80HV002TIX Datasheet   Lenovo Miix 3-1030 32GB Black, 1 pages
The input devices
Models Document Type
SK-8855 User Manual   Lenovo SK-8855 User Manual, 44 pages
N70 User Manual          Lenovo N70 User Manual, 35 pages
Thin clients
Models Document Type
0B95480 Datasheet   Lenovo VXL F-Series WES7, 2 pages
M32 User's Guide   Lenovo M32, 100 pages
Touch screen monitors
Models Document Type
NAVIG Z60M User Manual   Lenovo NAVIG Z60M User's Manual, 2 pages
Toy parts
Models Document Type
L2363D User Manual   Lenovo L2363D User's Manual, 8 pages
TVs & monitors
Models Document Type
L192P 9417-HG2 User Manual   Lenovo L192P 9417-HG2 User's Manual, 35 pages
Lt2252p User Manual   Lenovo Lt2252p User's Manual, 36 pages
ThinkVision L2060 User Manual   Lenovo ThinkVision L2060 User's Manual, 32 pages
ThinkVision L2251p User Manual   Lenovo ThinkVision L2251p User's Manual, 36 pages
T54H User Manual   Lenovo T54H User's Manual [en] , 29 pages
Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)
Models Document Type
TS430 User Manual   Lenovo TS430 User's Manual, 3 pages
Video recorders
Models Document Type
THINKPAD 42W9589 User Manual   Lenovo THINKPAD 42W9589 User Manual, 2 pages
THINKPAD T61 User Manual   Lenovo THINKPAD T61 User Manual, 2 pages
Video switches
Models Document Type
9503-DG5 User Manual   Lenovo 9503-DG5 User's Manual, 11 pages
Warranty & support extensions
Models Document Type
46D5034 Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkPlus 3Y On-Site, NBD+TPP, 5 pages
46D5022 Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkPlus 3Y On-Site Service, NBD+HDD, 8 pages
GOBI 4000 User Manual   Lenovo GOBI 4000 User's Manual, 28 pages
40Y9742 Datasheet   Lenovo Thinkplus f/ IdeaPad 2Y, CCR+ADP, 2 pages
80Y5795 Datasheet   Lenovo ThinkPlus L408, 12 pages
Water pumps
Models Document Type
C2 User Manual   Lenovo C2 User's Manual, 37 pages
Models Document Type
TC A51-8122 User Manual   Lenovo TC A51-8122 User's Manual, 94 pages
3000 7812 User Manual Lenovo 3000 7812 User's Manual, 68 pages
ThinkPad T400 User Manual    Lenovo ThinkPad T400 User's Manual, 14 pages
THINKCENTRE 9120 User Manual   Lenovo THINKCENTRE 9120 User's Manual, 62 pages
THINKPAD R60 User Manual Lenovo THINKPAD R60 User's Manual, 84 pages